Submission guidelines for Samurai Eye:

So you want to show your stuff on Samurai Eye. Here are some guidelines:

Scope: Samurai Eye exists as a place to display examples of period Japanese clothing made by and for SCA participants. You do not have to be a member of the SCA. However, clothing should be for the historical period encompassed by the SCA, 1600 CE and earlier. It should also be made, not bought.  The emphasis here is on clothing, not armor and weapons.

Goal: The best compliment I ever received was "You look like you walked out of a painting."  Samurai Eye seeks to show off your work in the best light possible. More on this below.

1. Be sure to include your full SCA name (if you have one), full legal name and where you're from (SCA location and modern city, state and/or country). If you are using a photo that someone else took of you, please include the modern name of the photographer and get their permission as well. If the photograph is of a minor child, I must have written permission from the child's parent or legal guardian or I will not post it. Some parents don't want their children's photos and names published on the internet and that is their right.

2. Please include a description of what you are wearing. Commentary about where it was shot, highlights of how you made it, what you might do differently, etc. are all useful in helping our readers understand what you did and why.

3. Please include a photograph that aims for the "You look like you walked out of a painting" effect. Yes, really. I want you to look your best.  Some suggestions and reminders:

I WILL reject photos for:

Saionji doesn't do Photoshop. I might crop your photo for formatting purposes. If you want to play around with photo editing software, that's your business.

You went to the trouble to make stylish clothes, I want you to look your best. Go and look, really look at the photos accepted thus far.  Think about which ones make you go "Wow!" and which ones make you go "Meh."

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